Aldo Mignone and Isabella Wood, the Australian design duo behind Studio Mignone, have joined forces with renowned artist Ken Done to create a unique children’s table for their holiday fundraising efforts for UNICEF Australia.

 The table, which is the first design in a new children’s furniture collection by Studio Mignone, inspired by the duo’s daughter Valentina, was hand painted by Done at his Sydney studio.

The Ken Done x Studio Mignone for UNICEF Australia table will be auctioned via Instagram Live on 11th of December 2019 at 9pm on @studiomignone

Proceeds from the sale of the table will support UNICEF’s work for children which includes programs that support education, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene. 

“I have worked on different projects over the years that has taken my work onto interesting forms, from the life-size Buddy bear sculptures to the BMW art car. This project is a delightful concept and supporting UNICEF Australia, for which I have been a National Ambassador for over 30 years, makes it a project very close to my heart,” said Ken Done about the collaboration with Studio Mignone.


 Mignone said, “We are incredibly grateful to have worked with such an iconic Australian artist to create our first art piece to support UNICEF Australia’s work for children. Ken Done is an extraordinarily kind and generous man and quite a genius with his painting– his thoughtful work enables Studio Mignone to offer a remarkable artwork for our first fundraising auction for UNICEF Australia.” 

The table depicts an artist’s palette showing a wide array of bold colours in a typical Done style. 

The essence of the whole piece echoes modernist paintings, with primary-hued legs that boldly conjunct from the black table-top with simple lines forming the detail of the brushes.

The familiar Ken Done signature was carved into the black paint before it had dried, revealing the artist’s fast working hands and intuitive approach.

“We sent the table to Ken without any expectations – when I saw the finished work, I was immediately overtaken with emotion. It is so special, so original and instantly iconic. It is a children’s table that transcends the usual children’s furniture. It says to me “I am an artist. You can be an artist too – everything you need is right in front of you,” said Isabella Wood, Co-Founder Studio Mignone.

“There is a beautiful and deeply thoughtful idea behind this work. Done is speaking to the inner artist in all of us and showing us the ingredients for creativity in a simple yet impactful way.”

The Ken Done x Studio Mignone table is on display in Sydney at Ken Done Gallery, 1 Hickson Rd, The Rocks from October 2019 until it is auctioned via the Studio Mignone LIVE Instagram charity auction event on Wednesday 11 December 2019 at 9pm AEST.

Along with the artist edition Ken Done table, Studio Mignone will be hand painting a very limited number of 10 Studio Bambini tables that will be for sale through our online shop with the profits from the sale of the ten tables donated to Unicef Australia’s work for children.

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